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All of life is a movement of Love.

Like the breath of God it ebbs and flows through our awareness, rustling the branches in the forests of our minds. Sometimes the branches are old and stiff and they creak and moan in the gentle breeze.

We think things “should” be a certain way when they very clearly are not that way in actuality. We argue with the Truth rather than dancing with it.

We find ourselves complaining about mild annoyances and overlooking the great blessings that we have.

We gripe about traffic and take for granted that we have vehicles and adequate roads. We get irritated with our loved ones for their quirks and habits, taking for granted the breath of grace that they truly are.

When we feel incredible stress our old creaky branches are being pushed to their limits. We can choose to release some of this tension by intentionally giving up our limited sense of order, and allowing a greater order to subsume our intentions.

Sometimes this means recognizing that there is a problem and working to ensure that this situation doesn’t repeat itself, but that is never helped by becoming enraged about the fact that the problem exists in the first place.

We can choose to accept the movement of Love as it unfolds and move with it.

However, during particularly violent movements of Love, as the breath of God heaves and boils into a massive storm, our stiff old branches sometimes break altogether.

These moments are characterized by intense stress and a sudden perceptible breaking that gives way to a deep and powerful stillness. This stillness is not the lethargy of deep sadness or the hyper focus of intense anger, even though we usually think we should be sad or angry in these moments of intensity.

This stillness is powerful and quiet and full of acceptance. It is at once a feeling of exhaustion and of relief.

In the absence of our old judgements, new light streams through the canopy of our minds to the forest floor. The fertile soil of our souls are warmed and new life begins to push it’s way up to the surface.

This is not to say that nothing matters and we should just roll over for anything and everything that comes up. This is not a call for a wishy-washy anything-goes type of spiritual abandonment.

Be rooted firmly in your ground. Stand for what is right and good, but sway with the breeze as life breathes through your experience.

Deepen your roots. Dig deep into your soul and feel the movement of Love. Don’t cling rigidly to your loftiest ideas and concepts. Let them bend and bow to the power of the Divine.

All of life is a movement of Love. Learn to dance in the breeze.

Michael SunSpirit