Crystals and Meditation

Crystals and meditation seem to be like peas in a pod here in the west. It’s not like that in the wisdom traditions that bring us meditation, but a newer intuition with its roots in the American cultural revolution of Continue Reading

The Spiritual Power of Eleven

It’s hard to believe we’re already into November and the final weeks of 2017! It’s a meaningful month for me because I celebrate my birthday, but November may also be an important month of this year for you. Here’s why: Continue Reading

Yoga of the Ancient Sages: Kriya

These days most everyone has heard of yoga, but we tend to think of it as a kind of exercise class. We may be generally aware that there are many different forms of yoga, but the majority of us do Continue Reading

Sound Healing: An Ancient Art Revived

Sound healing is found in various forms throughout most of human history. It was practiced by the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians, among others. These techniques can be found in the Vedic scriptures of India and the shamanic lineage of Continue Reading