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Byron Katie tells us to love what is, and this is advice we should all take to heart. Not just because what is, simply IS and arguing with it is paramount to spitting at the rain, but because any thing that is, represents the presence of All That Is.

This is especially and uniquely true in the case of individual human beings because humans have an unrivaled capacity for self reflective consciousness. Any time you speak to or in any way interact with another human being you are engaging in a relationship with an entity that is uniquely suited to be a conduit for the Divine. You have the amazing ability to speak to the Divine in any person you meet! Divinity is right there staring out at you from behind the eyes of every human being in the world. This is why Jesus tells us that whatever you do to the least of those among you, you do also to me.

It is pure Divinity that is peering out from behind your eyes looking at the world through all of your preconceptions and culturally constructed ideas and emotional reactions. The limited self is the kaleidoscope of the Divine and you are the Divine presence looking through it. It’s absolutely critical that we do not mix the two up and allow narcissistic reinforcement of the false self to set in, but there it is. You are constantly in communion with Divinity, AS Divinity.

The same ‘is-ness’ that gives rise to your thoughts and intentions also inhabits each thing ‘that is’, AS each thing that is.

The limited self is a tool of our true nature. We exist as separate beings only in an elaborate illusion dedicated to the process of dissolving that very same illusion.

All of this sounds very nice on an intellectual level but what does it matter? Why should anyone care? Well, the simple intention to speak to the Divine in every person you meet is a way of starting a deep relationship with this wonderful mystery of your own creation.

Through the constant remembrance of this ever present Divinity and your unique ability to speak directly to it by speaking to the deepest part of each person you encounter you will find that your Love actually fuels YOU because you are not separate from that which you are Loving

Loving What You Are. . .
Michael Sunspirit