The Flip Side of Flow – Perfection in The Struggle

In this day and age we are starting to hear more and more about “letting go” and “Going with The Flow” and those things are fine. They have a very important place in our production oriented culture that practically worships stress and incessant activity. Many of you reading this are certainly in need of this kind of education.

So for good measure, let me go ahead and say it:

“Everything is happening in divine order and perfect timing. Nothing is left undone, and all things unfold effortlessly just as they should.”

So. . . Let Go and Let God. . . Relax. . . Breathe. . . Life is Good. . . and other cute sayings of that nature.

But that’s not the end of the story. . .

You see, there is an ebb and flow to our existence here. We grow and manifest into each other’s emptiness.

We challenge each other to expand with our contractions and we offer each other space to expand into.

There is an extraordinary beauty in the duality; in the play between light and dark; in the gravity between pleasure and pain.

The artist’s brush destroys the purity of the empty canvas in a single stroke. Even a masterpiece that moves the soul was once a violation of that purity; an inspiration, rending the fabric of perfection with dreaded change.

And “therein lies the rub” as they say. . .

We can’t know the one without the many, and we can’t know the many without the one. We can’t see beauty if we don’t know what ugliness looks like and we can’t transcend Darkness or Light unless we’ve known them both.

In this Awareness, a powerful reflection of our true nature lies in every shape and shadow, which means every shape and shadow deserves our care and devotion.

There is a Great Oneness that gives rise to every single breath and quivering strand in the great web of life, and it calls us to service in the world of action and form.

Endlessly bubbling, the Spring at the Heart of All Creation comes pouring out, from every stone and every blade of grass. It whispers the secrets of endless ages in the scuttling sound of the empty paper cup that tumbles, discarded down the street.

The Holiest of the Holy and most Sacred of All Beings lies naked in the street light, curled and desperate in the gutter and sprawled magnificent across the sky, it’s inescapable perfume wafting through warm bakeries and moldering down dank alleyways alike.

How can I NOT worship?

Where can I look to see anything but the Almighty? How can I speak anything but a prayer?

What can I touch without feeling the caress of eternity? How Can I Listen and not hear the voice of Truth?

The Sweet Fullness dripping warm and thick like honey from the heavens in the morning light, and saturating the very bones of the earth in the deepest Winter Night.

The Face of God stares into my eyes from within my eyes, WITHOUT my eyes and every point and space in consciousness is Living Proof.

How could I harm the smallest creature? How could I misplace or misuse a single grain of sand? How could I bring disgrace on any being when I know exactly who they are?

In the face of that Total Majesty, only i can be disgraced.

And so it is right to walk through life worshipfully. Take each step with Sacredness, Absolute Awareness and Love.

Here is our Bodhisattva Vow: To return from the perfection and rejoin the struggle until every being knows that the true face of the struggle is Bliss.

Within the perfection we struggle to be perfect. . . and within the struggle. . . we are.

May Deep Peace and Endless Knowing Enfold You
Michael SunSpirit.

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