Take some time for yourself

“There is nothing more desolate than a soul uncared for.” Some guy said that at some point, it might have been me, but who’s really keeping track of this stuff anyway?

The idea that we must take care of and nurture ourselves can come across as trite or even cliche. Without caring for ourselves we can be of no use to anyone else. Without caring for our selves we weaken and let others down. In all honesty this is beyond obvious but it is the obvious that we so often take for granted.

We usually take for granted the capacity to draw another breath. Though this is an immeasurable gift, we often squander it on gossip and small talk. The obviousness of our own importance in the play of our existence is often similarly overlooked. Each one of us has a note to play in the grand Orchestra of Life but we are usually too busy to take good care of the instrument we’ve been given.

I know there are a lot of very busy people who read this newsletter, and you are all extremely giving and generous people. So let me say this in a way that makes sense to the busy modern mind. You have a DUTY to take time to relax. You have a social obligation to limit the stress you endure. Because with your help and a little fine tuning the symphony of our culture will be just a little bit sweeter.

When you make sure that you are not trying to handle and fuss over what is not your responsibility; when you find your way out of worry and into peace, your single sweet note can carry the sour notes of those around you. When you take care of and nurture yourself; when you include yourself in the circle of care and compassion that you are always casting wider and wider, then you are capable of contributing so much more of the light we need in this world.

Take some time, Meditate, Pray, Love, Smile, Take a Bath, Take a walk and breathe like you MEAN it!

You know who you are 🙂

Michael SunSpirit

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