The Store get’s it’s name from a deep dedication to the conscious participation in the evolution of spirit. Now, technically speaking, spirit in the absolute sense doesn’t evolve at all, it can’t.

But Spirit expresses in the manifest realm, and in this realm we have very basic qualities that express in ever deepening and more complex ways. Perspectives and relationships continue to deepen and the capacity of the Kosmos to relate to, and empathize with itself continues to increase through all forms of life on the planet.

The Human Organism is an incredibly deep expression of spirit in the manifest world. There are few other animals that come close to, (and I would say none that actually surpass) the human capacity for universal care and concern or the capacity to self realize through reflective awareness.

As the most complex organism currently available for the expression of Spirit on this planet, we have an unrivaled capacity for both creativity and destruction. This is because creativity and destruction are simply two sides of the same coin. A simple way to illustrate this is to take into account the absence of a thing as part of the equation.

In the act of creating anything, we destroy the suchness of it’s absence, and in the destruction of anything we create the suchness of it’s absence. All destruction is the creation of a new circumstance and all creation is the destruction of what was.

Evolution is a special kind of creation that destroys only that which is unstable and then builds deeper, or higher, more complex structures upon the stabilities and strengths of what went before.

The creative/destructive capacity of humanity is so incredibly potent that actively and consciously engaging in evolution is very likely the only way we will survive as a species. We have the destructive capacity to buck the system and create our own absence despite the obvious preference of the evolutionary impulse to find the stability within our species and build on it.

We must be careful to point out that we are not specifically talking about a physical evolution. This is not a program of Eugenics or an attempt to create a new race of people. The human organism as an individual being and as a collective species is already physically capable of FAR more than we actualize. We are not limited by our environment or physical bodies in any truly meaningful way. We are mainly limited by our culture, and I believe that our individual personal development plays a crucial role in that. After all, what is culture if not the shared experience of many individuals about what it means to be human?

Physical Evolution is FAR ahead of our cultural and individual interior development. We have now only to fill in the potential that is already inherent in our current physically evolved form. We must do the inner work of catching up to what we are meant to be. We must build and grow within in order to fill the capacity our physiological form has given us.

Many of the now extinct species in the fossil record lasted for hundreds of millions of years. There are species that predate the dinosaurs that still exist today. As a species we are in our infancy at roughly HALF of ONE million years old. We haven’t yet grown into our evolutionary shoes.

As you sit reading this, know that you are more than you can possibly imagine. Just as an infant can’t begin to imagine what it means to be an adult, so humanity stands in relation to being fully human. Evolve is dedicated to following and developing the evolutionary impulse of humanity. We choose to do our part to consciously guide our collective human family into our fullness as human beings. We can do this through our individual practices, through our conscious words and deeds, and through the promotion of awareness in our culture.

Grow with us as we expand into the vastness of our true potential.
Michael Sunspirit