Crystals and Meditation

Crystals and meditation seem to be like peas in a pod here in the west. It’s not like that in the wisdom traditions that bring us meditation, but a newer intuition with its roots in the American cultural revolution of the 1960’s has put crystals into the same space that earlier traditions put crucifixes, singing bowls, malas, rosaries and sacred clothing.

Crystals seem to fit right in with the idea that we are all manifestations of the same consciousness. Something about crystalline formations speaks to our souls about the structure of the natural world. We can see and feel the truth of order and wisdom in the geometric faces of our mineral friends.

Meditation is a practice dedicated to understanding truth. When we look within we find a prismatic kaleidoscope of emotions, intentions, thoughts and ideas in which the same thing can take on different hues and angles from our broadening perspective. Sometimes in meditation we see a reflection of ourselves, other times we see right through ourselves and into the fractal of consciousness beyond.

Because of this seemingly obvious fit, people often ask what crystals are best for meditation and how to use them, so I thought I would take a few minutes to write up a general reply that can serve as the single and universal, authoritative answer to all questions relating to the interplay of meditation and crystals, forever and ever amen.

Well, maybe that’s a bit over the top, but I can at least give you my honest opinion. Continue reading

Great stuff happening at Evolve the week of March 9-14


Monday, March 9
Guided Meditation with Philip Clark

Join us for a soothing and informative experience in a guided meditation with Philip Clark. Philip teaches the fundamentals as well as the benefits of meditation. Each class he offers allows us to deepen our practice and the understanding of it. Register with Philip at 224-655-8293 or drop in.

Facilitator: Philip Clark
Date: Monday, March 9
Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Cost: $10


Tuesday, March 10
Reiki Balancing Sessions / Numerology Sessions with Philip Clark
11 am – 5:30pm, additional hours by appointment

Individual Reiki Balancing Sessions –
Designed to balance the energy flows of the body. This balancing allows you to feel more relaxed, in harmony, and at peace with yourself!
$95 | 1 Hour

Numerology Sessions –
Philip is a practicing Numerologist with over 31 years of experience. He will be doing Numerology Profiles to assist you in understanding your life purpose and the tools you were given to accomplish it.
$45 | 30 Mins or $80 | 60 Mins

Register with Philip at 224-655-8293.

Facilitator: Philip Clark
Date: Tuesday, March 10, additional hours by appointment
Time: 11:00am – 5:30pm

Greenleaf_8438 HI - Copy (1024x819)-2

Wednesday, March 11
Healing Guided Meditation with Carolyn Greenleaf
6:30-7pm: Intro class for new attendees (required)
7-8pm: Healing Guided Meditation

Please register with Carolyn in advance for each class you wish to attend at or by phone 224-241-6645

This meditation program can assist you with one of the most natural and easy forms of healing and connectivity. Carolyn teaches simple methods to train the mind or induce a mode of consciousness that promotes a state of peace, calm, relaxation, or to develop compassion, patience, concentration and insights. Her approach is both simplistic and easy to apply to daily life.

Facilitator: Carolyn Greenleaf
Date: Wednesdays
Time: Intro Class 6:30-7pm / Healing Guided Meditation 7-8pm
Cost: $5 Intro Class/$12 Meditation
Register in advance 224-241-6645


Friday, March 13
EnergyBlueprint Counseling and Astrology Readings with Lisa Hagenbuch
12-7:00pm, additional hours by appointment

How can EnergyBlueprint Counseling help you? EnergyBlueprint Counseling’s ability to hone in on a variety of issues and provide an action plan to initiate in your life can help facilitate inner transformation. This will enable you to make sound life decisions and fulfill your highest potential!

Please contact Lisa in advance to schedule your appointment at 847-917-5473 or and provide the following information: date of birth, city of birth and exact time of birth. Drop-in sessions are also possible on occasion.

Practitioner: Lisa Hagenbuch
Dates: Fridays, additional hours by appointment
Time: By appointment 847-917-5473
Cost: 30 min. $45 | 60 min. $80


Friday, March 13
Second Friday Drum Circle with the Evolve Community

Bring your drums and percussion instruments and join in.

• By donation
• Children welcome as participants
• No experience necessary

Date: Friday, March 13
Time: 6-8pm
Cost: by donation
Need more info? Call Evolve at 815-444-9905

Saturday, March 14
Everyday Essential Oils with Klara LeMonier

Essential Oils 101. This fun, informative class will leave you with answers to questions such as: What are essential oils, anyway? How do they work? What are some of the different ways we can use them? We will discuss allergies, anti-aging, colds/flu, aches & pains, inflammation, digestion issues, stress, anxiety, weight loss, cleaning/disinfecting and more. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, hear testimonials and sample a variety of essential oils. This promises to be the best smelling room in Crystal Lake! Space is limited, please reserve your spot by emailing Klara at

Facilitator: Klara LeMonier
Date: Saturday, March 14
Time: 10am-12pm
RSVP Klara at or to Evolve 815-444-9905

Saturday, March 14
Personal Flower Essence Energy Balancing Sessions with Deborah Werner of Earth Wind and Flowers

Each client will be tested for any blocks in their energy field. Once the specific emotion and block is identified, the selected flower essence/aromatherapy Balancing Spray will be used to re-balance to the flow of love! Use the high vibrations of the flower essence Balancing Sprays to re-balance to higher states of being!

Booking reservations in advance is recommended – to register, call 262-215-3657.
$10.00 for 10-minute personal mini-session.
Balancing Sprays are available for purchase at Evolve.




Let the leaves fall…

The chill breeze rattles through the dead leaves on the lawn. The sweet warmth of the autumn sun denies the portents of the lengthening shadows and lingers like a departing lover.

A cup of coffee, a comfy sweater, but still barefoot on the porch, I take deep, gluttonous breaths, as if I could imbibe and somehow store these twilight days within my heart. Continue reading

Humility is the Key

Humility is often recognized as carrying a connotation of specifically Christian spirituality. But as we will see, it is very much in alignment with the Buddhist concept of Right View.

Just as Right View is said to be the foundation of the 8 Noble Truths, Humility is possibly the very foundation of Christian spiritual practice.

Many people who have felt trapped in a rigid Christian theology will recognize something like “knowing our place in relation to God” as the definition of Humility, and the patriarchal connotations of subjugation may easily offend.

However, while Humility may carry with it a connotation of submission, it is not the connotation, but the true meaning which we seek to understand. Humility is not a submission to an all powerful “Other” as much as it is a disidentification with the ego through the practiced recognition of its true and accurate relationship to all things. Continue reading

Paradox at the Heart of Reality

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

- Leonard Cohen

In this simple yet poignant line Leonard states the truth with the elegant simplicity befitting the poet he is.

Every single thing in the world of form is incomplete. There is a perfect imperfection in any object or concept. The delightful and dynamic potential of $100, for example, is collapsed into a single object or service when you spend it. You can not have the freedom of the money and the stability of that which it buys at the same time.

Our lives in the realm of duality are steeped in paradox like this. Self and Other. Objects and the space between them. Manifest reality and the potential from whence it flows. This fundamental duality gives rise to the “crack” in all things that Cohen is Talking about. Continue reading

Follow Your Bliss. . . More or Less.

How many times have we heard the immortal words of Joseph Campbell? His encouragement echoes loudly through the New Age community and it’s simple wisdom undergirds so many of our day to day conversations, goals and methods.

We use this advice to seek our life’s purpose and sometimes even give it the same exalted status as the Buddhist concept of Right Livelihood. As mistaken as that might be, the idea that following your bliss is the path to happiness is almost universal in the new age community, and it’s easy to see why.

Continue reading