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Philip Clark ~ Numerologist, Meditation Group Facilitator


Philip Clark ~
Numerologist, Monday Night Meditation Group Facilitator at Evolve.

“The most valuable lesson life has taught me is what is meant by the phrase, ‘A Spiritual Being Going Through a Physical Experience.’ We are here to understand that there is more than the physical body, and to learn how to access
that more.”


I assist my clients to move towards being all that they can be! It is an inside job!

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Philip is also a practicing Numerologist with over 31 years of experience. He will be doing Numerology Profiles assisting you in understanding your Life Purpose and the tools you were given to accomplish it.

$45 | 30 Mins
$80 | 60 Mins

Philip says, “As a kid, I always felt inferior because I stuttered. Sports was my outlet. It helped me understand the power of feelings and emotions when they are channeled in the right direction. Meditation helped me get off Hypertension Medication 13 months after the Doctor had prescribed it for me for the rest of my life. This was after I had experienced a divorce. Numerology taught me that the stuttering was my challenge this lifetime and that I was to learn to speak my truth. This was over 35 years ago.”

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