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June 22, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
54 N. Williams St. Crystal Lake
$35.00 per person

Reiki + Yoga = Rei Yoga !!

Rei Yoga tests your physical endurance and develops your keen awareness of your inner being.  Learn to embrace your spirit and balance your chakras with a practice of Vinyasa Flow followed by reiki infused poses.  Take a moment to self-reflect and restore balance in your life.  This is a great beginner’s workshop for Reiki-infused yoga. All you need to bring is a yoga mat, wear something comfortable that you can stretch in, a bottle of water, and your beautiful soul.

This special one-time workshop has a maximum of 10 students and is for adults age 18 and over. Ideal for novices; the Rei Yoga workshop will walk you through the principles and philosophy of Reiki-infused yoga, as well as the yoga poses.

Pricing: $35 per student for class
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Meet your instructor:
A world traveler at heart; Giovanni, also known as Geo, has captured the hearts of many along his endeavors.  Geo has a background certification in Reiki Levels 1 through 4 in Usui Reiki since 2012. He has created his own practice yoga style called, “Rei Yoga” and has taught it to over hundreds of students in different countries. In 2018 he partnered up with Start Fitness Hawaii and Yalah Yoga (Morocco) to bring a contrast of elements and culture that will be taught within both countries.  One of the biggest things he loves about being in this world; “You can make an impact on anyone, even if you just meet them for a couple of seconds. Both of your vibrations met at that exact moment in this cosmic universe and created a ripple effect.”