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May 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Evolve for Inner Peace
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Nada Brahma Sound Yoga is one of the fastest ways to access our connection to ascended masters and celestial musicians! Using simple dynamic movement, tapping, Mudras, Mantra, and powerful breath work, it is easy to follow and you don’t need to be very fit or flexible to benefit. However, you do need to be open minded and free spirited to truly celebrate the experience.

The Himalayan Kriya Yoga is a simple way to ‘de-stress’ ‘detox’, ‘de-calcify’, ‘de-carbonize’ the body and attain pure alignment, balance, coherence. It is an effective way to streamline and calibrate the meridian flows, activating brain portals, igniting bliss chemicals, dissolving emotional and Karmic baggage that leads to a state of bliss & celebration of lightness within. Students absorb the bio-photonic transmissions from the Yogi and access the brain portals’ to absorb cosmic transmissions and sustain the ecstatic ‘divine bliss’ within, and eventually journey towards attaining a disease and pain-free body.

What you can experience:
* Simplest ways to purify the voice.
* Fine tune the auditory cortex to receive cosmic sounds
* Ecstatic journey to pure sounds, music, chants
* Calibrated Healing frequencies

Who is Dr. Pradeep Ullal?

Dr. Pradeep Ullal is a Himalayan Kriya Yoga Master and a “Super Gamma Master” with the ability to raise his brain frequency to transmit bio-photonic energy transmissions of gamma waves. He is the Founder and Spiritual Head of Kevala Foundation, a celebration destination in India. He directs the Kailasaa Music Festival that attracts world-class musicians every year to Kevala Foundation. He is celebrated as a powerful Himalayan yogi, claircognizant, and healer who effectively channels intent, touch, sound, breath, light to sustain higher vibrancy and natural healing.