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Boost your brain with  Gamma brainwaves!


Everyone has gamma brainwave activity, but the amount of gamma waves produced varies. Low amounts of gamma brainwave activity have been linked to learning difficulties, poor memory and impaired mental processing, while people with very high levels of gamma activity are exceptionally intelligent, compassionate, happy, and have excellent memories and strong self-control.

Dr. Pradeep Ullal is a Super Gamma Master who has the ability to raise his brain frequency to 100 Hz. He then can transmit this high level of bio-photonic energy to heighten the recipient’s Gamma brainwaves, helping to dissolve engraved memories, toxins, patterns of samskaras (calcified thought patterns) and to awaken deep compassion and sense of Oneness.

How does Gamma Wave Activation help me?
Activating the Gamma Wave has many amazing benefits which include:

  • Intensely extended blissful state
  • deep peace
  • expansive state of sensory awareness
  • heightened focus in brain
  • improved memory
  • de-calcification of brain
  • awakening of kundalini shakti
  • activation of pineal gland and neuron gateways
  • magnetism to abundance
  • feeling of oneness and connectedness
  • chemical balance
  • enhanced frequency of the electro-magnetic field
  • expanded aura
  • faster healing process

Who is Dr. Pradeep Ullal?

Dr. Pradeep Ullal is a Himalayan Kriya Yoga Master and a “Super Gamma Master” with the ability to raise his brain frequency to transmit bio-photonic energy transmissions of gamma waves. He is the Founder and Spiritual Head of Kevala Foundation, a celebration destination in India. He directs the Kailasaa Music Festival that attracts world-class musicians every year to Kevala Foundation. He is celebrated as a powerful Himalayan yogi, claircognizant, and healer who effectively channels intent, touch, sound, breath, light to sustain higher vibrancy and natural healing.