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January 8, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
54 North Williams Street
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
$80 for 60 minutes

Astrology Readings & Charts and EnergyBlueprint Counseling by Appointment with Lisa HagenbuchAstrology Readings & EnergyBlueprint Counseling

Lisa can offer you a broad look at your unique birth chart through astrology readings and EnergyBludprint Counseling—a valuable tool for deeper insight and understanding of your gifts, your life purpose, windows of opportunity or challenge in your life and the higher energies at play that may be having an impact on you.

Because of the in-depth nature of these sessions, appointments must be made in advance. Walk-in appointments are not possible.

You will receive your natal chart with an in-depth, personalized astrological analysis and a keepsake audio recording of your session.

How can Lisa’s unique approach to Astrology help you?

• Identify the life areas where you feel stuck
• Determine the windows of opportunity for proactive change
• Get to the root of current health issues
• Figure out the most fulfilling career to work in
• Learn strategies for understanding and guiding your children more effectively
• Obtain clearer insight of the significant relationships in your life
• Pinpoint time frames for a new love relationship

What is EnergyBlueprint Counseling?

Your energy blueprint or Divine blueprint is what makes you who you are. We are all born with unique astrology and personal attributes that have a profound effect on how we experience life and who we ultimately become as individuals. There is also a greater energetic blueprint that we are working within (i.e., the present moment and its particular astrology), and this, too, has a profound impact on us. Through EnergyBlueprint Counseling, Lisa can hone in on issues that may be holding you back, such as those outlined above in the bulleted list, and provide an action plan to initiate in your life which can help facilitate beneficial inner transformation. The goal is to empower you to make sound life decisions and fulfill your highest potential!


$80 for a 60-minute session.


Fridays, some Saturdays, and additional hours by appointment. Please call or stop in to inquire.

How to Register:

Please contact Evolve by phone at 815-444-9905 to arrange your session with Lisa. To accurately prepare your astrology chart, she will need the date, city and exact time of birth. Because of the in-depth nature of these sessions, walk-in appointments are not possible.

What if I don’t know my birth time?

Occasionally, we encounter clients who are unsure of their birth time. The exact birth time is essential, as it identifies the rising sign, or ascendant in the chart. If exact time of birth is unavailable, it is still possible to learn a great deal in an astrology session, and many times the ascendant can be discovered with a little detective work.