• These tools are designed to attune the user to Golden Light and Golden Fire in order to create columns of Light for transforming communications towers, clearing cemeteries, activating waterways, and personal transformation and healing.
  • They are ideal for working with yourself, your environment, and others.

Meet the newest generation of energy tools

Welcome to the realm 

of Golden Fire and Light

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Listen to Brian explaining his tensor energy tools 

and tensor fields in this informative interview.

"Tensor Rings as Transformational Ascension Tools" with Brian Besco, 

Interviewed by Lauren Galey for Quantum Conversations. Published March 15, 2018.

Are you a healer, an empath, or in need of healing?

Twistedsage Studios is a manufacturing facility for leading-edge consciousness tools, including their latest generation of energetic tools known as Golden Fire and Light. They are located in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota.

Come explore these tools created from 

both ancient etheric technologies

and new energies.

These heart-based higher-dimensional tools are capable of clearing timelines and realities. 

  • Move and clear non-beneficial geomagnetic lines, energy vortexes, grid systems, and portals. 
  • Personal Healing, Connecting, Clearing. 
  • Activate Waterways and Aquifers.
  • Spirit Release (Ghost Busting).
  • Entity Clearing.
  • Light Anchoring. 

Tools anyone can use.

"You + intention = expansion."

These tools are part of the new paradigm of no longer “doing” from our human perspective, but rather “being” a conduit for much higher energies that are still a part of who we are individually. This is also the place where we witness miracles and magic unfold!

Know that the tools are all very intuitive once you are in the Heart and can just be with them. Their use can be as simple as having them on your person or in your home. There is no wrong way to use them.

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these amazing tools!

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