Spiritual Power of Eleven Unity Consciousness Crystal GridIt’s hard to believe we’re already into November and the final weeks of 2017! It’s a meaningful month for me because I celebrate my birthday, but November may also be an important month of this year for you. Here’s why: November is the eleventh month, and the number 11 in numerology is spiritually significant for holding the vibration of creativity, unity and higher consciousness. Welcome to the spiritual power of the number eleven!

Our current year, 2017, breaks down to 10/1 in Numerology (2+0+1+7=10; 1+0=1). What this means is the energy of the 11 (November) is going to be further amplified by the 1 vibration of our current year. Additionally, November 1, 10, 11, 28 and 29 are dates to take note of regarding an even greater amplification of this vibration. If you’re interested, I’ve gone a little more in-depth about this in the paragraphs below.

Here’s another interesting thing to note: 2018 is going to be an 11 vibration year! Which means right now is a powerful time to begin intention setting for what you want to achieve or manifest over the next year.

What does the number 1 represent in Numerology, and why is it important?

As you may already know, the number one represents unity and wholeness. It reminds us that everything is indeed connected. In Numerology, a year that embodies the 10/1 vibration is sometimes referred to as a “universal reset.”

The year 2016 was a 9 vibration, and it’s likely you experienced some letting go of people and circumstances in your life. The energy of 2017 (10/1) has likely been a year of new beginnings for you, taking action and moving in a new direction, moving toward your fully empowered self.

It gets a little more complicated when we introduce our personal numerology into the mix, such as our life path number and the numerological vibration of our name, but we can look at the current year’s vibration as an overall guiding theme.

As I noted above, this month, we have the vibration of the current year and month joining together, represented as 111. Any time you take an individual number and repeat it (11, 111, 1111), the vibration of that single number becomes much more potent, so 11, 111 and 1111 signify an awakening into more heightened states of unity consciousness and awareness and offer a loving, supportive connection to the Divine.

Upon reaching a certain level of awareness and understanding, these number patterns can act as signposts for us, confirming for us when we notice them that we are in alignment and heading where we’re meant to be going.

Repeating numbers can also represent doorways into other dimensions or portals. The number 111 is associated with the angelic realms and higher consciousness, although in the Pagan ritual of Samhain, which falls on 11/1, it was believed that beings could freely travel across all dimensions.

November is here to remind us to tune in to our higher selves and Source; where we remember we are all connected, where we align with our purpose, and where there is only love. Now is an ideal time to remain steadfast in the frequencies of love, abundance, and gratitude, and remember how powerful you are as a conscious co-creator of your reality through your actions—and reactions. Keep your focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t.

There are several ideal days this month for working with this energy, but the most important is going to be November 11, which holds the energy of 11111 (month, day and year together)! This day is a time of incredible, high-vibration manifestation and creation energy, so it would be an excellent opportunity to do some work around what you want to bring into your life. Try to give yourself some time that day to make a list or a vision board, or at least give it some thought. From this potent energy, you are more likely to create and manifest things in your life that truly align with your heart and soul.

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