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Consciousness crystalizes like water, suspended for the moment in the recognizable and differentiated shapes of snowflakes and icicles.

The warmth of life reminds us that we are only water, pausing on our journey to the sea, simply clouds passing through the sky, pretending to be this shape or that.

Each year our collective attention gathers to stare at a moment in the future and watch it slide through our awareness into the past. We watch December 31st turn into January 1st basking in the illusion that those are real things. We like to pretend that time exists in solid chunks and blocks of varying sizes like years, months, minutes and seconds because we are not comfortable in the fluid moment of now.

Our minds reflexively organize the future and the past paying very little attention to the place where those two imaginary realms meet.

And so we look at the new year and recognize the story of rebirth and renewal that is as old as storytelling itself. We tell the story with seasons and with the seeds of fruiting plants. We tell the story with the birth of children and the death of the elderly.

The story of life itself.

I say the story of life because, in-between the past when we were born and the future when we will die, THERE is life. That much seems obvious, but what if I told you that life is actually timeless? That it is not the large chunk between birth and death, but the seemingly elusive moment between the past and the future?

Have you ever been alive in the past? Will you ever be alive in the future?

We can assume or imagine or project or remember, but none of that is a lived experience.

What if I told you that the practice of watching a moment in the future flow into the past as we do each year on new years eve is an ancient storytelling device which is meant to direct your attention to the infinite now?

When does that transformation between the future and the past take place? Perhaps more to the point, DOES that transformation take place? Is there really such thing as a future flowing through your awareness and emptying out into the past on the other side?

Look within your mind. Can you find the future moment or is it just your mind imagining and projecting? As you watch this moment slip into the past you may notice it echoing in your mind, but when do you experience the echo?

Does this moment ever end? Does it ever begin?

Rebirth and renewal is all there ever is. This moment is unborn and it never passes.

People, places, things, sounds, thoughts, feelings and impressions all pass through this moment, but this moment never passes.

Even birth and death pass through this moment, but this moment never passes.

As we approach the new year, I invite you to look within and recognize your timeless presence so that you may awaken that timeless presence in others.

Michael Sunspirit