Lisa Hagenbuch – Energy Blueprint Counseling and Astrology Readings

“Through interactive discussion, I facilitate the understanding of your unique self, how you are personally affected by energetic cycles and how to most positively respond. This knowledge will allow you to live in harmonious relationship with everyone and everything in your life. You will leave equipped with tools, strategies and windows of time to best capitalize on your strengths and the knowledge of how to turn life tests into opportunities.” -Lisa Hagenbuch

Lisa’s interest in astrology turned into a passionate exploration and career after sessions with two local astrologers helped her find clarity in both her professional life and her love relationships. As a mother of two elementary aged children, she has found astrology to be an invaluable tool in understanding how to better guide her children.

How can EnergyBlueprint Counseling help you?

  • Identify the life areas where you feel stuck
  • Determine the windows of opportunity for proactive change
  • Get to the root of current health issues
  • Figure out the most fulfilling career to work in
  • Learn strategies for understanding and guiding your children more effectively
  • Obtain clearer insight of the significant relationships in your life
  • Pinpoint time frames for a new love relationship

EnergyBlueprint Counseling’s ability to hone in on these issues and provide an action plan to initiate in your life help facilitate inner transformation. This will enable you to make sound life decisions and fulfill your highest potential!

A Client Testimonial:

“I have never given much more than a passing glance to my horoscope but I was on a mission to get out of ‘Stuck’, a land of indecision and prolonged grief after some mid-life setbacks and losses. Through the course of the session, I found myself hashing out the particulars of my life in ‘Stuck’.

Lisa listened intently and followed up with insightful questions, as good of those of a therapist or dear friend. She questioned some of my conclusions, asking if I needed to do more investigation or keep an eye open for other options. She occasionally, very gently, threw out some ideas, saying, for example, that for a person with my particular chart, it would be important to have introspection time, perhaps via meditation, journaling or running in order to better process my experiences and get new ideas. This is not a dramatic revelation, I realize, but it was affirming to hear a stranger say such practices, so tried and true for me in the past, were exactly what I needed to be doing once again. Sometimes we just lose our way.

Rather than a predictive reading of my future, the session was much more of an interactive conversation about how I might use my interests, values and personality type to chart a new course. Sessions generally run about an hour and clients leave with a CD recording of their discussion as well as their Natal Astrological Chart. The chart represents how the planets were interacting at the time of one’s birth and Lisa uses astrology and numerology to interpret that interaction. With a down-to-earth and friendly nature, Lisa likes to offer an overview but let each session flow in an interactive way so that clients can focus on their most pressing issues or questions.”

Education / Certifications:

  • BA in Marketing – MSU (1989)
  • Former President of the Northern IL chapter of National Council for Geocosmic Research

Please contact Lisa directly to schedule your appointment, providing the following information:  Date of birth, city of birth, exact time of birth, and any specific questions or life areas you’d like to focus on during the session.

30 min: $45

60 min: $80

Contact:  847-917-5473