November 15, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
54 North Williams Street
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
$20 preregistered, or $25 day of event


Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong

Experience the power of Kundalini Yoga, gong and meditation and relax into Universal Spirit with this powerful practice. No experience needed – the yoga portion of this event is suitable for all levels!

Come and enjoy a gentle kriya (set of exercises) to strengthen your inner light, followed by a deep, extended gong relaxation to release tension and blocks and increase the flow of healing life force within you. Rise up and experience the sacredness of group mantra meditation in reverence of your inner light, and this introspective season.

Experience the oneness of all that is and relax with a combination of Kundalini yoga, gong, meditation and more. Receive the blessings of this openness, feel the joy of connection and let it flow through you! All are welcome.

Kundalini Yoga, known as the “Yoga of Awareness” is an ancient technology for achieving true joy and happiness, and for tapping into one’s own creative potential. An extremely powerful, concentrated, focused and complete practice, it’s effects can often be felt immediately. It incorporates all facets of yoga, including mantra (chanting), pranayam (breath exercises), asanas (postures), mudra (hand positions), and meditation. This combination can allow everyone, even the busiest people to achieve wholeness, balance in mind, body and spirit, inner strength, self-awareness, and experience of Union with the Divine.

The symphonic gong, played during savasana (deep relaxation), accesses healing through the sound current, allowing the nervous system to fully relax and integrate the effects of the yoga that precedes it. As the mind quiets and the body lets go, healing and energy can flow like waves, penetrating through thoughts and giving rise to connection to the very seed of creation.

Class begins with a brief mantra to connect us to our Divine Teacher and the lineage and legacy of Kundalini Yoga. We then move into the physical practice or kriya, to awaken the energy of consciousness, the Kundalini, and open to it’s flow. Fully prepared by the complete and powerful action of the kriya, we move into deep, extended relaxation with the gong, where the effects of the kriya integrate and change happens. Meditation follows, as the energy flows and allows for a full, comprehensive, and blissful experience of this amazing technology. Meditation can include mantra, chanted or silent, pranayam, mudra, and visualization, and can occasionally precede the gong. Class closes with a positive affirmation, chanted as we bask in the glow of group energy. We end with a sampling of delicious Yogi Tea. Leave feeling rejuvenated and soothed, open and blessed. Sat Nam.

Register and prepay today by calling Evolve at 815-444-9905. $20 preregistered, or $25 day of event.

kat2About Kat:
Kat, aka Devraj Kaur, a 500-hour KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Certified Reiki Master, first discovered the joy of Yoga in her teens. Always feeling there was “something more” to yoga, she was lead to Kundalini Yoga through a prenatal practice as she was expecting her 3rd child. Her experience led her to further discovery with the technology and eventually teacher training. Her ongoing practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga and Gong simultaneously allow her to grow in consciousness and to serve others in their own journeys toward awareness, wholeness and truth.